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From march 5th – 31st

Five years ago, Alessa launched the Give Wings Movement with the mission of giving back to our community by offering education and health to underprivileged children. This year, we partnered with four non-profit organizations: Fundañinas, Programa Valentina by Funsepa, Fundación Infantil Ronald McDonald and Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó to raise awareness and fund the education of children in Guatemala.

Annually, we feature a limited edition Give Wings Collection designed specifically for the cause. We are proud to donate 20% of sales of each piece sold from the collection across our non-profit organization partners.


On this edition, we selected four Angel Whisperers to be the voice and representatives of the movement. We are including women who are role models in our community as they resonate with Alessa’s core values and virtues. Women whose life time work and accomplishments will solidify and strengthen the movement. The selection criteria is women that have achieved their goals, have taken risks, are socially conscious, have not backed down in fear of failure, and have risen above all adversity and challenges. An Angel Whisperer is a representative of what an Alessa women embodies: grace, strength, humbleness, perseverance, beauty and power.



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